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Waterproofing of a flat roof - Kostinbrod
The current site is a ...
Waterproofing with liquid rubber on a coating of metal tiles - Sofia
The roof I present to you is located in Sofia.The base is metal tiles that have not been installed well.There are places where there are no cables and they are involved with crooked sheet ...
Laying seamless waterproofing with liquid rubber on aluminum roof - Sofia
The next object, on which we laid a seamless waterproofing with a liquid tire was an aluminum ...
Laying of seamless waterproofing on the roof of a newly built house in the town of Gotse Delchev
The building on which we laid waterproofing in the town of Gotse Delchev is the roof of a newly built house. The good position was good - a leveling mortar was applied to the new slab with an inclination to the three siphons.Since the base was good, we began ...
Waterproofing of a steel roof roof shaft - Sofia
The waterproofing we made on the metal roof of an elevator shaft in Sofia was set in the following technological order:Clean rough rust with a wire brush.Surface de-dusting.Impregnation of the sheet with ...
Waterproofing the roof of a school in the village of Iskar, Pleven
The school in the village of Iskar, Pleven needed waterproofing on the roof.It had participated in the Euro program and after their approval they contacted our waterproofing company.The old waterproofing looked ...
Waterproofing of the roof - c. Sofia
The next customer that we seek to lay the waterproofing, had tried to fix the problem alone.Bitumen was used aluminum tape on the ...
Waterproofing of the roof of an industrial building with liquid rubber Hydroflex Universal - gr.Blagoegvrad
The next client we look for waterproofing roof, which is covered with black paper layer. Customer trust us to make seamless waterproofing elastic membrane of liquid rubber Hydroflex Universal.Besides making the waterproofing of the roof before us had ...
Waterproofing gutters of Tin Roof liquid rubber waterproofing bitumen Izoelast - Sofia
Another customer who contacted us for assistance owns an apartment in Sofia. The roof of the apartment is made of steel. The roof is divided into 2 parts which are connected in the middle with a groove in which a heater is applied against the snow. ...
Waterproofing of sloping roof with tiles of the building - Blagoevgrad
This site is a residential building with a sloping roof covered with tiles. The roof had a leak and at the slightest rain. The tiles were healthy, but problem was several things. The tiles were not properly sorted and most of them did not overlap with each ...
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