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New generation of waterproofing for:

- Covers
- Balcony
- Garage
- Basement
- Bathrooms
- Walls
- Pipes
- Foundations of buildings
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What is a liquid rubber – HYDROFLEX-UNIVERSAL ?

HYDROFLEX-UNIVERSAL is a waterproof protective coating on balconies, roofs, steel structures, concrete tanks, repair of roofs isolated with bitumen paper and more. HYDROFLEX-UNIVERSAL is an elastic membrane that is characterized by high rupture strength and over 10 years guarantee.

Twice a lower cost per square meter of previously, existing methods.

What is a liquid rubber – Akvabit?

Akvabit 2 is one or two component bitumen-rubber insulation ready for use. It is cool accruing with excellent adhesion to almost all types of construction materials.
-    Insulating laundry rooms, building foundations, basements and walls
-    Corrosion protection of pipes and tanks permanently affixed to the land.
-    It is also used for waterproofing all types of metal and asbestos cement roofs.

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