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New generation of waterproofing for:

- Covers
- Balcony
- Garage
- Basement
- Bathrooms
- Walls
- Pipes
- Foundations of buildings
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Our projects and clients

Waterproofing of Isoflex-Universal Liquid Tank Pool - Kardzhali
The next customers who sprinkled us were from Kardzhali. They asked us to apply waterproofing to their ...
Laying waterproofing with liquid rubber on tiles on a terrace and installation of barbakan - Sofia
Another object we had waterproofing was a terrace with tiles in Sofia. ...
Complete renovation of a terrace in Sofia - tiling, laying of a new leveling mortar and waterproofing with a liquid rubber.
The next client who trusts our company is from Sofia.The object is a two-part ...
Laying of seamless waterproofing on a terrace with granitogres in Sofia
The terrace on which we had to apply waterproofing with liquid rubber is located in Sofia. The joints were missing in places, the tiles ...
Laying seamless waterproofing with liquid rubber on aluminum roof - Sofia
The next object, on which we laid a seamless waterproofing with a liquid tire was an aluminum ...
Waterproofing Isoflex-Universal tile with Isoflex-Universal liquid tire in Ohhra color - Sofia
The next object we waterproofed were two terraces in an apartment in Sofia.The tiles on both terraces were in good condition and did not have to be ...
Seamless waterproofing with Isoflex-Universal liquid rubber in a bathroom - Sofia
Customers from Sofia have been looking for us to solve the problem they had with the leaks in their bathroom. As shown in the pictures ...
Waterproofing with Isoflex-Universal liquid tire on a pool in a guest house in Ognyanovo
The photos from this object are kindly provided by a client who wishes to cope with the laying of the waterproofing of his swimming pool in Ognyanovo.After providing detailed instruction from our specialists, our client has done more than brilliantly with performing all ...
Reconstruction and laying of waterproofing on a terrace in the village of Chiflik, Lovech
The terrace in the village of Chiflik, where we laid the Isoflex-Universal liquid tire, was made of wooden boards on which there was a waterproofing with a veilite.Since it was loose and had many crevices, it had to be removed. ...
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