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Waterproofing of terrace liquid rubber Isoflex Universal - Sofia
This terrace, which is to be made was also covered with tiles that were visibly in poor condition, worn and broken. That was not all. In many places the tiles and wiggle just was imperative to be removed. That is what took our company before waterproofing with liquid ...
Waterproofing of terrace tiles with liquid rubber Isoflex Universal - Sofia
Now again it comes to waterproofing of terrace tiles that are damaged as a result of external influences over the years. Client wished to be made with liquid rubber waterproofing ...
Waterproofing gutters of Tin Roof liquid rubber waterproofing bitumen Izoelast - Sofia
Another customer who contacted us for assistance owns an apartment in Sofia. The roof of the apartment is made of steel. The roof is divided into 2 parts which are connected in the middle with a groove in which a heater is applied against the snow. ...
Waterproofing of terrace tiles with liquid rubber - Sofia
Our next client is from Sofia and contacted us in connection with liquid rubber waterproofing of the terrace to the apartment. The terrace is covered with tiles. Here it is interesting that in one end of the terrace itself is made with brick ...
Waterproofing with liquid rubber of the pool dug in the ground - Simitli
Another interesting subject for us, which was a challenge pool is dug into the ground. Pool consists of two levels and has a D-shape. In this case, the problem was that, after filling the swimming pool with the water in the pump shaft and enters the water ...
Waterproofing of plasterboard bathroom with liquid rubber - Blagoevgrad
Our next client contacted us for waterproofing bathroom with plasterboard. The bathroom was a preset for liquid rubber ...
Waterproofing of pools of prefabricated construction - Blagoevgrad
Another interesting site that our company was realized waterproofing prefabricated swimming pool. Interestingly at this object it was that the design of the pool is not sustainable and it would be a serious problem when applying liquid rubber ...
Waterproofing of sloping roof with tiles of the building - Blagoevgrad
This site is a residential building with a sloping roof covered with tiles. The roof had a leak and at the slightest rain. The tiles were healthy, but problem was several things. The tiles were not properly sorted and most of them did not overlap with each ...
Waterproofing visor above the entrance to the apartment block - Blagoevgrad
This object is the brim of the entrance of an apartment building in Blagoevgrad. Prior to the application of liquid waterproofing to liquid rubber of the brim is made thin plaster in order to be sealed have appeared over time cracks and joints in the floor ...
Waterproofing roof of polycarbonate sheets - Sofia
Another object / roof with polycarbonate panels to wash Luminal in Sofia / us was assigned to a liquid rubber waterproofing.Problem that was encountered infiltration of water and moisture in the aluminum strips, which connect the polycarbonate panels, ...
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