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Our projects and clients

Reconstruction and laying of waterproofing on a terrace in the village of Chiflik, Lovech
The terrace in the village of Chiflik, where we laid the Isoflex-Universal liquid tire, was made of wooden boards on which there was a waterproofing with a veilite.Since it was loose and had many crevices, it had to be removed. ...
Laying of seamless waterproofing on the roof of a newly built house in the town of Gotse Delchev
The building on which we laid waterproofing in the town of Gotse Delchev is the roof of a newly built house. The good position was good - a leveling mortar was applied to the new slab with an inclination to the three siphons.Since the base was good, we began ...
Repair and laying of waterproofing with liquid rubber on a terrace and staircase in the village of Dolna Sekirna - Breznik
The object from Dolna Sekirna is a terrace with two staircases. There are rooms underneath it, and as shown in the pictures below, the broken joints and the tiles have caused a lot of damage.Before we went over to waterproofing, we had a lot of things to do to prepare ...
Waterproofing on tiles on the roof terrace with Isoflex-Universal liquid tire - Sofia
Customers from a newly built residential block in Sofia have asked us to apply ...
Complete renovation of the terrace - tile dismantling, laying of waterproofing with liquid rubber and bonding of new faience - Sofia
The following clients who have sought our services and have fully trusted us are from Sofia. The object is a ...
Laying of waterproofing on a terrace with granite tiles with liquid rubber Isoflex-Unversal - Sofia
The next terrace, which we waterproofed in Sofia, is covered with granite tiles.As can be seen from the pictures, the condition of the tiles is quite bad, which has led to the elimination of a very large part of them. Clean up the old terrolic ...
Waterproofing with liquid rubber on a block of visors in Blagoevgrad
The waterproofing of the visor of a block of flats in ...
Waterproofing with Isoflex-Universal liquid rubber on a garage - Blagoevgrad
Customers from Blagoevgrad have asked us to apply waterproofing to a garage.As ...
Waterproofing with Isoflex-Universal Liquid Rubber on Two Blinds of Block - Sofia
Before we began laying the waterproofing on the visors, they were well cleaned and dust-free. ...
Waterproofing of a steel roof roof shaft - Sofia
The waterproofing we made on the metal roof of an elevator shaft in Sofia was set in the following technological order:Clean rough rust with a wire brush.Surface de-dusting.Impregnation of the sheet with ...
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