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New generation of waterproofing for:

- Covers
- Balcony
- Garage
- Basement
- Bathrooms
- Walls
- Pipes
- Foundations of buildings
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Our projects and clients

One-component elastic waterproofing laid on new screed in a newly built building - Blagoevgrad
The site located in Blagoevgrad has several terraces in a newly built building.The client instructed us to waterproof the outdoor terraces before moving on to laying granite tiles.The base was solid. We cleaned it well and applied the ...
Seamless color waterproofing on the terrace and stairs covered with granite - Kokalyane
Our next task was to waterproof a beautiful terrace of 80 sq.m, covered with ...
Waterproofing of a terrace in Varna. Reinforcement and application of colored liquid rubber Hydroflex-Universal
Another satisfied and extremely hospitable customer.Although at first he was not very sure about his choice, the customer was convinced of the quality of the ...
Waterproofing of a bathroom - Sofia
The object we present to you is a ...
Waterproofing of a terrace with liquid rubber - Blagoevgrad
Clients from Blagoevgrad have long been looking for a solution to deal with leaks from their beautiful terrace.They turned to our company and decided to trust us.As can be seen from the photos, the terrace needed to prepare the base before moving on to ...
Laying waterproofing on a terrace in Nessebar - Hotel St. Panteleimon Beach
Our next site is located in a quiet and picturesque place on the beach.We are extremely grateful for the trust that the manager of Hotel St. Panteleimon Beach - Nessebar has given us. ...
Waterproofing with liquid rubber on a terrace in Sofia
The next open terrace, which we waterproofed, was again covered with granite.It was well glued and in relatively good condition.No serious damage to the base was noticed, but there was a problem with the leaks and there was a need for ...
Waterproofing of a canopy in a residential building in Sofia
The object we present to you is the canopy of an apartment building.Before we started laying the seamless waterproofing, we had to prepare the base by cleaning it well and repairing the unstuck and damaged sections of the old waterproofing.We laid the ...
Laying liquid waterproofing on a terrace covered with granite - Sofia
Another satisfied client who trusted us to waterproof the terrace to his apartment with liquid rubber.The welded position of the ...
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