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New generation of waterproofing for:

- Covers
- Balcony
- Garage
- Basement
- Bathrooms
- Walls
- Pipes
- Foundations of buildings
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Waterproofing with Hydroflex-Universal Liquid Rubber Tire on mosaic terrace in the village of Padesh
The object that we waterproofed in the village of Padesh was a terrace, which was a roof of a ...
Waterproofing with Hydroflex-Universal liquid rubber on a garage - Blagoevgrad
Customers from Blagoevgrad have asked us to apply waterproofing to a garage.As ...
Waterproofing with bitumen liquid rubber on a garage covered with a finger - Sofia
The garage we had to isolate is located in Sofia.It was covered with about ...
Waterproofing of garage liquid rubber Hydroflex-Universal - Sofia, Simeonovo
The next object that was made garage in Sofia, Simeonovo.Our company had to deal with several problems:Our first task was to ...
Waterproofing of a garage - village of Eleshnitsa
Another one of our customer owns the garage and from village of Eleshnitsa. Garage needed repairs and waterproofing of the ...
Waterproofing of a garage - s.Chekanchevo
Client s.Chekanchevo owner of a new house and ...
Waterproofing of a garage - Dupnitsa
This site is a garage in Dupnitsa. Garage roof before applying the waterproofing was quite A worn and flakes form. To tackle the problem, our ...