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New generation of waterproofing for:

- Covers
- Balcony
- Garage
- Basement
- Bathrooms
- Walls
- Pipes
- Foundations of buildings
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Actual news

Aquabit 2 - new generation waterproofing. It is environmentally friendly product based liquid rubber

Aquabit 2 is one or two component bitumen-rubber insulation ready for use. It is cool accruing with excellent adhesion to almost all types of construction materials.



Directions for use:

The application of the one component Aquabit 2 is done with a roller ,brush or sprayer special. The composition is used in the form in which it is delivered,as before work needed to mix well. The surface on which will be applied must be dry and well cleaned. Apply several layers, in the following technological order:

Warning! Each layer is applied to completely dry prior to coating.

Upon completion of a two-component quick drying Aquabit 2 need special training and equipment with which it is possible insulation of more than 1000 m2 per day by two workers.


Packaging and storage:

Aquabit is storen in covered and dry storage facilities at temperatures from 5 to 30 ° C.
Do not freeze!
Boxes - 4 l, vats - 18 l drums - 200 kg, ednokubikova tank - 1000 liters
Warranty - 12 months date of manufacture