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The roof terrace offers beautiful panoramic views and can become a preferred destination for leisure. Their potential is much greater than that of the balconies. We must not forget that the roof terraces are exposed to extreme weather conditions - heat, cold and moisture. This requires the implementation of roof terraces to observe strict technological discipline . Particular attention should be paid to waterproofing liquid rubber.

Steps to implement quality and effective insulation are:

1. All joints , cracks and unevenness of the base is filled with a special waterproof grout . With the same mixture at a watertight connection board cemented terrace make a groove . The radius of the fillets is approximately a few centimeters ( 4-5 cm) . For proper and rapid clearance is better to use special curved trowel.

2 . Allow to dry. Mortar , fillets and some of the boards with a wide brush or roller applied diluted with water saotnoshinie 70:30 primer liquid rubber .

3 . Primed surface on both cross-linked polyester canvas A- 65 and re- applied primer.

4 . Wait for complete drying of the primer. With Whitewash Brush applied waterproofing mortar with liquid rubber , in corners board cemented embed waterproof polyester cloth tape . After drying of the first layer of waterproofing , a second , which is applied perpendicularly to the first .

5 . Wait until complete drying of the waterproofing layer . The tiles are glued with flexible adhesive frost plochki.Sled drying it retains its elasticity temperature expansions and contractions , due to weather conditions. Between the plates a gap is left with a width 3-4 mm. Grout takes linear expansions and contractions in the summer in winter.

6 . Wait at least 24 hours , then jointing with waterproof , elastic grout .

Note: It is recommended that the plinth also be made from tiles.

Once the work is complete waterproofing liquid rubber tile paving your terrace may become beautiful and finished as one of the below together with vegetation and sofas.